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The 2010 Canadian Fallen Firefighters Memorial ceremony paid tribute to the over 1000 Canadian firefighters who have lost their lives serving Canada since organized fire services began in the 1820s. The names of all firefighters added to the honour roll since last years ceremony were read at the ceremony this year. In addition, special presentations were made to the families of those firefighters who were actively employed at their time of death.

They include:

George Randolph Musgrave, 47, (Vancouver, BC), Gerald Patrick Hagan, 44, (DND, CFB Edmonton, AB) , Richard Gietz, 63, (Ottawa, ON), Paul Jackson, 56, (King City, ON) , Patrick L. Glendinning, 57, (Surrey, BC) , Philip Strang, 64, (Keswick Valley, NB) , Robert Christopher Woodhead, 53, (Stoney Creek, ON) , Robert W. Thibert, 54, (Chatham, ON) , Rex Ernest Heath, 61, (Pickering, ON)

They will never be forgotten